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How To Start a Blog – Blogging Basics 101

In Internet Marketing, Tips 38 views – Blogging 101 is mainly about the blogging vocabulary. To understand sites, you want to understand the terms site, platform, domain name, and web host.

As soon as you have mastered these crucial elements of blogging, it is possible to enter any dialog about blogging with assurance. Once you understand what exactly a website is, you’ll be on your path to passing the final examination of blogging 101.

String of internet posts presented in inverse chronological arrangement. That is all! most sites are text, but in addition, there are picture blogs and video sites. The remainder of blogging 101 must do with the specialized side of matters. If you’re setting up a site, then you may need a stage, a hosting company, and a domain name.

A blogging system is a computer software application which permits you to write articles and also to upgrade your blog. Your platform can also be what you use to style the appearance of your site, from color scheme to font size. The Internet host is kind of like the digital file cupboard where your site is saved. Your PC communicates with the server once you upload or edit an article. The domain name is the internet speech of now that you know exactly what a website is, what a stage is, and what hosts and domains are all, congratulate yourself!

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