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7 Factors Which Determine The Cost of Facebook Ads

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1. Your Bid: Just how interested You’re in revealing your ad

When you Create a Facebook Ad, you are basically joining a massive, global auction, competing with other advertisers for advertisement space on Facebook.Your bid amount When creating your own Facebook, you can put your bid manually or automatically.

Here’s a Fast breakdown of both alternatives:

  • Automated bidding: If you select automatic, Facebook determines The bid amount for you. The bidding is put so that Facebook would spend your whole ad budget with the goal of optimizing the result you want.
  • Manual bid: Should you select manual bid, you inform Facebook the Maximum amount you would be willing to spend to reach the outcome you need (e.g. $5 for a click).

When you Consider how much to bid, it is well worth keeping in mind that these couple of hints from AdEspresso:

  • If you attempt to bid too low, then your campaign may not receive the exposure it deserves, and you won’t reach your objectives. Bear in mind, you always get exactly what you pay for.
  • Do not worry about bidding a large amount. You will still wind up paying the smallest amount possible in the auction to get your advertising delivered.

2. Ad Quality and Relevance: Just how interested a person Will probably be in seeing your advertisement

Facebook Facebook considers both positive (e.g. amount of clicks, movie opinions, or app installs) and negative opinions (e.g. number of people who clicked “I do not want to see that” in your ad) to decide the quality and significance of each advert.

To help you Understand how important your ad will be to your intended audience, Facebook provides a Relevance Score metric for each of your advertisements. Whenever your ad’s relevance score is large, Facebook will show your ad more than ads with lesser relevance scores, and you will also pay less to achieve more of your intended audience.

You can find your Ad’s relevance score and level of negative and positive comments in your Facebook Ads Manager. Estimated Action Rates: How likely a person will behave on your own ad

3. Estimated Action Rates: How likely a person will act on your ad

When deciding whether to show your ad to a Individual in your target audience, Facebook quotes how likely the individual will take the actions you are optimizing for along with your ad (this is known as Estimated Action Rate).

For example, if you’re running an ad for your marketing instrument (such as Buffer) that’s optimized for website conversions, Facebook would present your ad to people it deems likely to sign up for a product like yours. Facebook determines this based on the last actions of the person in your intended audience (“how many times has she signed up for a product via a Facebook advertisement?”) Along with your advertisement’s previous performance (“the number of website conversions gets your advertisement received so far?”) .

Facebook ads will probably be high. To make sure your advertisement wins some ad auctions and is shown to your intended audience, Facebook might have to compensate your advertisement’s low Estimated Action Rate by raising your bidding (if you’ve selected automatic bidding).

4. Your Audience Targeting: Who and how many people you are trying to reach

Who you aim and how many people you target will affect your Facebook Advertising price. This is due to the level of competition to reach a specific audience. When more entrepreneurs are targeting a particular audience, it becomes more expensive to reach them.

To test this out, I conducted a Fast experiment by creating two advertisement sets that are

The suggested bid Once I selected manual bidding was $0.29 per click for Chiang Mai And $4.18 per click for San Francisco, meaning it’s more than 14 times more expensive to target an audience in San Francisco than Chiang Mai:

5. Time of The Year: How many Men and Women are buying Facebook advertisements

If you are Thinking of advertising on Facebook during the holiday season, here are the key events to watch out for:

  1.     Thanksgiving Day
  2.     Black Friday
  3.     Cyber Monday
  4.     Christmas
  5.     Post-Holiday Sales
  6.     New Year’s Eve
  7.     New Year’s Day

If you are Planning campaigns about them, or other large events, it’s important to think of how the quantity of competition may affect the price of your own ads.

6. Placement: wherever your ads seem


N counseling how To maximize Facebook advertisements results, Facebook urges that marketers allow Facebook to place their advertisements on Instagram and Audience Network as well Facebook. Doing so, Facebook says, can reduce the average cost per result of your ad:

Letting us to reveal your ad on Instagram and the Audience Network as well as Facebook gives you more chances to achieve the people you care about across apparatus. It may also lower your average cost per result. In the ad level of advertising creation, be sure to’ve chosen into both additional placements and your ad’s creative complies with all the Instagram and Audience Network requirements.

While this sounds great, it May Be worth considering if your target Audience active on Instagram or when advertisements is aligned with your Instagram strategy.

7. Optimization of Ad Delivery: Exactly what your advertisement is optimized for

When creating your own ad, if you click on “Show Advanced Options” under “Budget & Schedule”, you’ll find an option called “Optimization for Ad Delivery”.

Your choice for optimisation here can influence who Facebook shows your advertisements to. By way of example, if you choose to optimize for clicks, then Facebook will reveal your ad to people who are most likely to click on the advertisement.

This may affect the Price of your advertisement because actions taken On your advertisement will influence your ad’s relevance score and estimated activity rate (see If your advertisement Isn’t optimized for the outcome you Want, Facebook might not reveal your ad to people who are most likely to behave Entirely on your advertisement and you might even end up paying more for the results.

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